EGS activities at KEK

EGS5 related

KEK EGS5 short course materials

KEK sample user code of EGS5

(CG and XYZ are same as above.)

Tools for Particle trajectory display

Particle trajectory calculated by egs4 can be displayed also.

Add on of EGS5 System

EGS4 related

Add on of EGS4 System (adopted for EGS5)

Add on of EGS4 System (not adopted for EGS5)

Lecture Notes for EGS4

KEK EGS4 files

We used to distribute EGS4 files from ftp site of KEK. Files at that time are abailable from here.

Education tools

Publications, etc

EGS Users' Meeting in Japan and International Workshop

EGS Web Page

EGS5 home page

KEK EGS4 Web Page (Japanese)
KEK, Radiation Science Center Web Page (Japanese)
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