Publications related to gas-bremsstrahlung

Reprint of the following papers can be requested from S. Ban . .
  1. S. Ban, H. Hirayama and S. Miura:Measurement of Absorbed Dose in Water Irradiated by 2.5-GeV Bremsstrahlung, Health Phys. 53(1987)67-72.
  2. H. Hirayama, S. Ban and S. Miura:Investigations of Electromagnetic Cascades Produced in Lead by 2.5-GeV Bremsstrahling, Nucl. Sci. Eng., 96(1987)66-72.
  3. S. Ban, H. Hirayama and S. Miura: Estimation of Absorbed Dose due to Gas Bremsstrahlung from Electron Storage Rings, Health Phys. 57(1989)407-412.

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