Proceedings are published as KEK Proceedings 2000-20

Procedings include following papers. PDF files of these papers are available. When you download these files, tell it to H. Hirayama (
  1. Cover page and Contents (123kbyte)
  2. Innovative Electron Transport Methods in EGS5, A.F.Bielajew and S.J.Wilderman (355kbyte)
  3. Improvements of Low Energy Photon Transport for EGS5, Y.Namito et al. (942kbyte)
  4. Status of the Object-oriented EGS Interface Project, W.L.Dunn et al. (156kbyte)
  5. Application of EGS4 Code to Whole-body Counting, S.Kinase et al. (496kbyte)
  6. Fluence to Effective Dose Conversion Coefficients for Electrons from 1MeV to 100GeV, S.Tsuda et al. (190kbyte)
  7. Analysis of Dose in Teeth for Estimation of Effective Dose by the Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Dosimetry Using Dental Enamels, F.Takahashi et al (197kbyte).
  8. An EGS4 User Code with Voxel Geometry and a Voxel Phantom Generating System, J.Funabiki et al. (1455kbyte)
  9. Applications of EGS4 on Leksell Gamma Unit, Joel YC Cheung et al. (315kbyte)
  10. Dosimetric Characterization of Low Energy Brachytherapy Sources: An EGS4 Monte Carlo Study, E.Mainegra and R.Capote (352kbyte)
  11. Optimization of PET Scanner Geometry, Lars-Eric Adam and J.S.Karp (172kbyte)
  12. Dose Distribution of Stereotactic Irradiation for Thorax, R.Sakai et al. (230kbyte)
  13. The Caluculation of 3D Saptial Dose Distribution Around a Shielded Vaginal Cylinder with Iridium-192 Source Calculated by using Monte Carlo Code EGS4, R.D.Sheu et al. (324kbyte)
  14. Polarization Study for NLC Positron Source Using EGS4, J.C.Liu et al. (219kbyte)
  15. EGS4 Simulation of the Positron Converter at the BEPC Linac-Based Slow Positron Beam, R.S.Yu et al. (246kbyte)
  16. Measurements of Photoneutron Spectra from Thick Pb Target Bombarded by 1.2 and 2.0 GeV Electrons, S. Ban et al. (147kbyte)
  17. Response Calculations of the CdZnTe Detector Using EGS4, J.C.Liu et al. (188kbyte)
  18. Development of Gamma Ray Monitor Using CdZnTe Semiconductor Detector, A.H.D.Rasolonjatovo et al. (290kbyte)
  19. A Monte Carlo Method for Determining Absolute Scintillation-Photon Yields and Energy Resolution of Scintillators for Gamma Rays, H.Tawara et al. (815kbyte)
  20. Development of Gamma-Ray Direction Detector Based on MSGC, T.Nagayoshi et al. (973kbyte)
  21. Response Function of a NE213 Liquid Saintillation Detector Simulated by EGS4/PRESTA Code for a Collimated gamma-Ray Beam, K.Kudo et al. (614kbyte)
  22. The Effect of the Build-up Wall at the TLD Calibration Using Co-60, N.Nariyama (129kbyte)
  23. A Convolution Method for Determining Temperature Rise in Targets Struck by Beams of Various Size, W.R.Nelson et al. (353kbyte)
  24. Application of EGS4 for the Evaluation of Material Damage Due to Gamma-ray Irradiation, O.Sato et al. (236kbyte)
  25. Examination of the X-Ray Piping Diagnostic System using EGS4 (Examination of the Film and Iron Rust), G.Kajiwara (281kbyte)
  26. Effective Bending Point to Reduce Dose-Equivalent of a Bending Duct Streaming System, K.Ueki (276kbyte)
  27. EGS4 Simulation of Compton Scattering for Nondestructive Testing, N.~Shengli et al. (287kbyte)
  28. Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms in SPECT: A Simulation Study Using EGS4, T.Yokoi et al. (537kbyte)
  29. Correction of Measurement by HP-Ge Detector for Incident Diagnostic X-ray Photons, K.Koshida et al. (311kbyte)
  30. Response of CdZnTe Detector in Measurement of Diagnostic X-ray Spectra, S.Miyajima et al. (181kbyte)
  31. Evaluation of Reponse Function of 16"x16"x4" Large-sized NaI Scintillation Detctor for Environmental Gamma-ray Survey, H.Itadzu et al. (336kbyte)
  32. Beam Dump for High Current Electron Beam at JNC, H.Takei and Y.Takeda (1027kbyte)
  33. Variation of Dose Distribution by Detectors for Narrow Beam, T.Fujisaki et al. (270kbyte)
  34. Returning Electron Simulation for a Klystron Collector Using EGS4, Z.Fang et al. (157kbyte)
  35. Direct Measurement of Electron-Tracks Using a Charge Coupled Device, S.Kitamoto et al. (398kbyte)
  36. Simulation of Angular Distribution of Gas Bremsstrahlung Depending on the Residual Gas Pressure of Storage Ring, Y.Asano (264kbyte)
  37. Study on Spatial Distribution of Electromagnetic Shower Around a Lead Block Irradiated by 700-MeV Bremsstrahlung, S.Oki et al. (642kbyte)
  38. Support of Low Energy X-ray Polarization with EGS4, K.Asamura et al. (354kbyte)
  39. Unfolding of the Measured Spectra and the Determination of Correction Factor of Free Air Ion Chamber using EGS4 Simulations, Y.Gwang-Ho (558kbyte)
  40. Simulation of Ionization and Scintillation Signals in a Liquid Ionization Drift Chamber, T.Shimoyama et al. (209kbyte)
  41. Observation of Intense Radiation During Thunderstorm and Monte Carlo Simulation of Bremsstrahlung Generation, T.Torii et al. (443kbyte)
  42. Predicted Angular Distribution of Fast Charged Particles with Ionization, T.Nakatsuka (303kbyte)
  43. Lists of Prticipants (57kbyte)

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