3rd International EGS Workshop

(Japanese, English)


Documents for the egs5 cource (Both English and Japanese documents are linked from Englsh and Japanese HP.)

PDF files created from Power Point
  1. Install of EGS5 (2004-07-31)
  2. Sample user code (2004-07-28)
  3. Input data of pegs5 (2004-07-22)
  4. How to Write Geometry of EGS5 (2004-07-28)
  5. How to Use CG (2004-07-28)
  6. How to Use Cgview (2004-07-30)
  7. How to Write Source Routine (2004-07-28)
  8. Radiation Transport by Monte Carlo Method (2004-07-27)
Text related to sample user code (Draft)
  1. Lecture Note EGS5 sample user code (ucrz_nai.f) Response Calculation of NaI detector (RZ-system, Draft 2004.7.22)
  2. Lecture Note EGS4 sample user code (uccg_nai.f) Response Caculation of NaI detector (CG-system, Draft 2004.7.28)
  3. Lecture Note EGS4 sample user code (ucxyz_phantom.f) Dose distribution calculation inside phantom (XYZ-system, Draft 2004.7.20)
  4. Lecture Note EGS4 sample user code (uccg_phantom.f) Dose distribution calculation inside phantom (CG-system, Draft 2004.7.28)
  5. List of EGS5 sample user code (2004.7.27)
  6. How to use egs5 with user code written for egs4 in mortran (2004.7.31)
Text of related tools etc.
  1. Install cygwin (Ver-2004-06-27)
  2. Install egs5 (2004-07-31)
  3. How to run egs5 (2004-07-31)
  4. cgview ver 1.2, Draft manual( windows-eng, linux-eng ) and program( windows-eng, linux-eng)
    Cygwin user should use cgview windows version. (2004-07-16)
  5. Lecture Notes of Radiation Transport Calculation by Monte Carlo Method (English Ver.) (2001-10-11)

*********************** * FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT * * CALL FOR PAPERS * *********************** This is the official call for papers for the Third International Workshop on EGS. First and Second International Workshop on EGS were held in 1997 and 2000, respectively at KEK, Japan. These are the international version of "The EGS4 Users' Meeting in Japan", which has been held annually at KEK since 1991. These workshop were very useful for the exchange of information about EGS itself as well as a forum for EGS4-research around the world. The Proceedings of these meeting and those of EGS4 Users' Meeting in Japan have been requested from all over the world. It has been decided to hold the Third International Workshop at KEK, similar in format to the first and the second workshop. The organization committee has decided to have the Third Workshop from August 2 to 6th 2004. Similar as the previous workshops, the Third Workshop will cover all aspects related to EGS including the improvements to EGS and the application of EGS to various fields. Presentations of general topics on Monte Carlo calculations are also welcome. ******** * EGS5 * ******** We are checking the EGS5 code and writing a manual. In the workshop, the contents of EGS5 code will be presented. Also, EGS5 code will be used in the short cource. ************************ * Short Course of EGS * ************************ A two day short course of EGS will be offered before the Workshop (August 2 and 3). Lectures concerning the EGS System, User Code, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HOWFAR etc. will be given together with laboratory sessions on the installation the EGS system on a PC or UNIX workstation and running user codes. -------------------------------------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! The organizing committee decided to have a poster session in !! !! addition to the ordinary oral presentations. At the poster !! !! session, it is welcome to present the status of research and !! !! the problems encountered. The discussion at the poster !! !! session will be useful especially for beginners. !! !! If you want to present your research at the poster session, !! !! please mention it in the registration form. !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abstract Preparation and Submission 1. The abstract must be in English and about 400 words. 2. In the upper frame, type the title of the abstract and the name(s) and affiliation of the author(s). 3. The abstract of the paper must be sent to Yoshihito Namito by the end of Jun 2004 via e-mail (yoshihito.namito@kek.jp) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ or Fax (+81-298-64-1993). -------------------------------------------------------------- Registration fees (including Short Course) Participant \10,000 (Japanese yen) Student \ 2,500 (Japanese yen) -------------------------------------------------------------- Financial Support for Student Organization committee is planning to provide a financial support for student from outside Japan. Maximum amounts of support per person is \50,000 (Japanese yen). Due to the limitation of funds, several students will be selected based on the abstract submitted. Those students who want to obtain a financial support should indicate so on the registration form. -------------------------------------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Other Information !! !! !! !! The next week after the workshop is the vacation week !! !! called Bon. Many Japanese will return to their native !! !! homes. All public carriers will be crowded during this !! !! week. If you want to visit other areas in Japan, it is !! !! better to travel before the workshop. !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- Organizing Committee S. Ban, s.ban@kek.jp, KEK A. F. Bielajew, bielajew@umich.edu, Univ. of Michigan H. Hirayama, hideo.hirayama@kek.jp, KEK Y. Namito, yoshihito.namito@kek.jp, KEK W. R. Nelson, wrnrp@slac.stanford.edu, SLAC ------------------------------------------------------------- Rooms in Guest Houses for short visitors to KEK are possible to reserve. Single and twin rooms with shower are available. (about \1,000 per night). ------------------------------------------------------------- Third International Workshop on EGS Registration LAST NAME: FIRST NAME: TITLE: CITIZENSHIP: INSTITUTION/COMPANY: ADDRESS: TEL: FAX: E-MAIL: ( ) I am a student. ( ) I apply a financial support. ( ) I plan to attend Workshop. ( ) I will submit a paper. ( ) Oral presentation ( ) Poster session ( ) I plan to attend Short Course of EGS. Practices: ( ) I bring Windows PC ( ) I borrow KEK PC Accomodation: ( ) I want to reserve a room at Guest Houses in KEK. ( ) Male ( ) Female ( ) Single ( ) Twin Arrival Date: Departure Date: ( ) I want to reserve a room at the hotel. ( ) Male ( ) Female ( ) Single ( ) Twin Arrival Date: Departure Date:

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