Tentative Program of the 3rd international EGS workshop
Place: Seminar Hall in 3rd Research Building, KEK

4 Aug 2004 (Wed)

Opening remarks (9:00-9:05) (KEK) K. Kondo

Session 1 (9:05-11:05) EGS5 Chairperson: H. Hirayama

(1) New Electron Transport Physics in EGS5 (U Michigan) A.F.Bielajew (60')

(2) Optimizing the selection of step-size parameters (U Michigan) S. J. Wilderman (60')

Coffee Break (11:05-11:25)

Session 2 (11:25-12:30) EGS5 (Cont') Chairperson: H. Hirayama

(3) New Photon Transport Physics in EGS5 (KEK) Y. Namito (40')

(4) Benchmark Calculations for EGS5 (SLAC) J. Liu (25')

Session 3 (13:45-15:35) MC in general Chairperson S. Wilderman

(5) Trends in High Performance Computing and Grids (NII) K. Miura (60')

(6) The cross-section dividing method and the simultaneous distribution between the deflection angle and the spatial displacement for charged particles penetrating through matters (Okayama Shoka U) T. Nakatsuka

(7) Track tracing of charged particles with simultaneous distribution between the deflection angle and the spatial displacement (Okayama U) H. Okei

Coffee Break (15:35-15:55)

Session 4 (15:55-18:00) EGS related tools Chairperson: J. Liu

(8) Development of EGSWIN System Based on EGS4 (Tsinghua U) R. Qiu

(9) Interfacing EGS4 with Geant4 - An Example of Virtual Monte Carlo Approach (KEK) K. Murakami

(10) LSCAT-GISMO - an object-oriented Framework for Particle Simulation (Physics Inst) J.Giersch

(11) ROSI - A Monte Carlo simulation for x-ray tubes (Physics Inst) F. Sukowski

(12) Examination of the Program to Avoid Round-off Error (Nagoya U) Y. Shiota

5 Aug 2004 (Thu)

Session 5 (9:00-9:50) Numerical Technique Chairperson: K. Koshida

(13) Research for Deciding the Number and Each Width of Bins of the Energy Spectrum of the X-rays Used for Radiotherapy (Nagoya U) S. Kito

(14) Comparison Convolution Method with Monte Carlo Simulation by EGS4 (Nagoya U) T. Kusunoki

Coffee Break (9:50-10:10)

Session 6 (10:10-11:25) Radiation Detector Chairperson S. Ban

(15) Application of EGS4 to intensity monitor development for synchrotron radiation at SPring-8 (JASRI) N. Nariyama

(16) Development of Technology for Unfolding Radiation Energy Spectra using EGS4 Monte Carlo Code (Dae Bul U) GH. Yoo

(17) Verification for the Disagreement between Effective Point and Geometrical Center of Thimble Ionization Chamber (Nagoya U) K. Shimomura

Session 7 (13:00-14:50) Radiation Therapy: CREST project Chair person A. F. Bielajew

(18) Outline of the dose calculation system IMAGINE for radiotherapy (JAERI) K. Saito (10')

(19) Development of EGS4 user codes for IMAGINE (MRI) S. Takagi

(20) Optimal Parameters for Energy Spectral Calculations of Mega Voltage Photon Beam Using Monte Carlo Simulations (TMUHS) A. Myojoyama

(21) Soft Tissues in the Patient Digitization for the Monte Carlo Radiotherapy Treatment Planning (JAERI) M. Hirai

(22) Monte Carlo Simulations for Stereotactic Radiotherapy System with Various Kilo Voltage X-ray Energy (Keio U) HM. Deloar

Coffee Break (14:50-15:10)

Short Talks for Poster (15:10-16:30) Chairperson Y. Namito

Poster (16:30-18:00)

6 Aug 2004 (Fri)

Session 8 (9:00-10:15) Radiation Therapy Chairperson K. Tabushi

(23) Monte Carlo simulations of dose distributions for 4 and 10 MV photon beams from a Varian Clinac 2100C accelerator (Kumamoto U) F. Araki

(24) Monte Carlo Calculation of In-air Output Factors (Yang-Ming U) PI. Wang

(25) Monte Carlo calculations and GafChromic film measurements for Leksell Gamma Knife unit (Yang-Ming U) HW. Lee

Closing Remarks (10:15-10:30) (U Michigan) A.F. Bielajew

KEK Tour (10:40-11:40)


(P1) EGS Particle Trajectory and Geometry Display Program CGVIEW Ver.1.2 (SSL) A. Takamura

(P2) Development and Validation of a Monte Carlo Dosimetric Quality Assurance System for Dynamic Intensity-Modulated Radiotheraphy (Osaka U) T. Yamamoto

(P3) Comparison with a 4MeV X-ray Dose and Monte Carlo simulation using a Human Body Phantom (Kanazawa U) A. Chadani

(P4) Monte carlo simulation for electron-loss and photon-scattering corrections for parallel-plate free-air chambers (AIST) T. Kurosawa

(P5) Qb Measurement Using A Total Absorption Detector With EGS4 Generated Response Functions (Nagoya U) H. Hayashi

(P6) Monte Carlo Calculations of Free-Air Ionization Chamber Correction Factors for Electron Loss and Photon Scatter at INER (NRSL) UT. Lin

(P7) Development of EGS-based 3D Brain SPECT Simulator (BLI) T. Yokoi

(P8) Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Depth-Dependent Correction in SPECT for Myocardial Numerical Phantom: A Simulation Study Using EGS4 (Yokohama Soei Col) T. Hashimoto

(P9) Exposure Doses to Medical Workers Concerning Positron Emission Tomography (NIPH) I. Yamaguchi

(P10) Evaluation of External Radiation Exposure of Personnel Who is Involved in Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (Kitasato U) N. Komatsubara

(P11) Application of EGS4 Code to Evaluation of Specific Absorbed Fractions and S Values for Internal Dosimetry (JAERI) S. Kinase

(P12) DOSE3D: an EGS usercode dedicated to internal dosimetry based on combinatorial geometry (I Gustave-Roussy) J. Coulot

(P13) Monte Carlo Calculation of@Normalized Glandular Dose in Mammography (Yang-Ming U) JL. Hsu

(P14) Dose Distribution in the Human Body in General Radiography (Kanazawa U) M. Hayakawa

(P15) Dose distribution of stray radiation for Interventional Radiology (Kanazawa U) C. Kawabata

(P16) Development of the user code, UCBEAM and comparison the measured dose using a torso phantom and the calculated doses using otoko phantom (NMRI) S. Ohnishi

(P17) Estimation of effective dose caused by stray radiation of photons, electrons and positrons around a small storage ring for a synchrotron radiation facility (Nagoya U) Y. Takashima

(P18) Calculations of Physical Constants for Spherical Ion Chambers in 60Co and 137Cs gamma radiation using EGS4 Monte Carlo Simulation Code (KRISS) KJ. Chun

* Monochrome printed abstracts will be distributed at workshop.

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