Proceedings of the Ninth EGS4 Users' Meeting in Japan
  1. The Physics of Electron/Positron Transport in PENELOPE, F. Salvat et al.(201KB)
  2. Practical Derivation of Moliere Angular Distribution with Ionization, T. Nakatsuka(281KB)
  3. Application of the Monte Carlo Coupling Technique for Evaluating Shielding Ability of a Modular Shielding House, K. Ueki et al.(209KB)
  4. A Positioning Method of the High-Energy Photon, K. Maruyama et al.(320KB)
  5. Application of Ge Semi-Conductor Detector to Whole-Body Counter, S. Kinase et al.(166KB)
  6. Evaluation of Absorption Efficiency for NIS Tunnel Junction Detector with Segmented Absorbers, R. Nouchi et al.(139KB)
  7. Calculation of a NaI Scintillation Survey Meter for the Evaluation of Cs-137 Contamination in Soil, A. Toyoda et al.(160KB)
  8. Development of Beam Intensity Monitors for Intense Undulator X-Rays in SPring-8, T. Itoh et al.(179KB)
  9. Specification of Radiation Field Around a Gamma-Ray Ssource, K. Oda et al.(130KB)
  10. Measurements of Photo-Neutrons from Thick Aluminum Tatget by 2 GeV Electrons, S. Ban et al.(125KB)
  11. Monte Carlo Simulation for Correction of Ionization Chamber Wall, T. Kurosawa et al.(280KB)
  12. Improvement in the Energy Characteristics of a Vacuum Ionization Chamber, R. Nishiura et al.(123KB)
  13. A Monte Carlo Dose Calculation System for Stereotactic Radiotheraphy, J. Funabiki et al.(280KB)
  14. Dose Estimation of Patients from Disgnostic X-Ray Based on CT-Voxel Phantom, K. Akahane et al.(190KB)
  15. Monte Carlo Simulation Aanlysis of Backscatter Factor for Low-Energy X-Ray, K. Shimizu et al.(409KB)
  16. Development of Gamma-Ray Imaging Detector Based on Micro-TPC, T. Nagayoshi et al.(365KB)
  17. Count Rate Performance Simulations for Next Generation 3D PET Scanner, K. Kitamura et al.(230KB)
  18. Examination of the X-Ray Piping Diagnostic System using EGS4 (Measuring the Thickness of a Steel Pipe with Rust), G. Kajiwara(887KB)
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