Proceedings of the Eleventh EGS4 Users' Meeting in Japan
  1. The Cross-Section Dividing Method and a Stochastic Interpretation of the Moliere Expansion, T. Nakatsuka and K. Okei (187KB)
  2. A Fast and Accurate Sampling of Moliere Distribution by Dividing the Scattering Cross Section, K. Okei and T. Nakatsuka (217KB)
  3. Development of an Interface for Using EGS4 Physics Process in GEANT4, K. Murakami (126KB)
  4. EGS4 Particle Trajectory and Geometry Display Program -cgview-, A. Takamura et al. (235KB)
  5. Angular Dependence of Wall Correction for Cylindrical Cavity Chamber, T. Kurosawa et al. (196KB)
  6. Application of EGS4 for the Hard X-ray Detector II (HXD-II) onboard Astro-E2, S. Hong et al. (203KB)
  7. The Response of the High-Resokution High-Energy Photon Spectrometer II, K. Osaka et al. (571KB)
  8. Evaluation of S Values for Beta-Ray Emitters in Voxel Phantoms, S.Kinase et al. (216KB)
  9. Calculation of Dosimeter Response for In-Human-Phantom Measurement to Low-Energy Photons, N. Nariyama et al. (118KB)
  10. Shielding of First Optics Enclosure against Secondary Gas Bremsstrahlung, J. Asai and H. Hirayama (275KB)
  11. A Method for Calculating Absorbed Dose in Tissue by Cs-137 Needle Using EGS4, K. Shimomura et al. (151KB)
  12. Verification of Dose Calculation Accuracy of RTP Systems by Monte Carlo Simulation, Y. Takahashi et al. (151KB)
  13. Development of the Accurate Dose Calculation System IMAGINE for Remotely Aiding Radiotherapy, K. Saito et al. (307KB)
  14. Point Spread Function of Water Slab and Metal Plate in Portal Imaging, S. Miyajima et al. (200KB)
  15. Estimation of the Efficacy of Protective Coats in Abdominal Angiography, K. Koshida et al. (347KB)
  16. Estimation of 90 Scattering Coefficient in the Shielding Calculation of Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment, K. Noto and K. Koshida (183KB)
  17. Evaluation of Radiations Scattered from Water Phantom Using EGS Code, T. Akita et al. (244KB)
  18. The Radiation Dose Around a Radionuclide Drain Tank in a Nuclear Medicine Facility Calculated by Monte Carlo Method, I. Yamaguchi (373KB)
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