Proceedings of the Tenth EGS4 Users' Meeting in Japan
  1. A Single-Scattering Dividing Model to Interpret the Moliere Scattering Process, T. Nakatsuka (189KB)
  2. Simple Use of EGS4 by Excel Macro File, T. Uchibori (251KB)
  3. Examination of the X-ray Piping Diagnostic System Using EGS4 (Measuring the Thickness of a Pipe with Rust When the Pipe is Filled with Water), G. Kajiwara (214KB)
  4. Egs4 Application to Design of Parallel-Plate Free-Air Ionization Chamber for High-Energy Synchrotron Radiation, N. Nariyama (358KB)
  5. The Response of the High-Resolution High-Energy Photon Spectrometer, K. Osaka (204KB)
  6. Calculations of the Radiation Dose from the Synchrotron Radiation for the Belle Silicon Vertex Detector, T. Abe (126KB)
  7. Design Study of Gas Bremsstrahlung Beam Stop for Beamlines at the Canadian Light Source, J. Asai (186KB)
  8. Comparison of Synchrotron Radiation Calculation Between EGS4, FLUKA, PHOTON and STAC8, Y. Asano et al. (234KB)
  9. A Study on Properties of Water Substitute Solid Phantom using EGS Code, H. Saitoh et al.(241KB)
  10. Dose Distribution Analyze of the Body STI used Monte Carlo Method, N. Tohyama et al. (290KB)
  11. The Variations of Mean Mass Energy Absorption Coefficient Ratios in Water Phantoms During X-ray CT Scanning, S. Miyajima (242KB)
  12. Monte Carlo Calculation of Leakage Radiation Through The Multi-Leaf Collimator, T. Yamamoto et al. (103KB)
  13. Cosmic Ray Electron Acceleration and Bremsstrahlung Generation in the Strong Electric Field of Thunderclouds, T. Torii et al. (202KB)
  14. Transport Calculation of Low Energy Electrons Under the Strong Electric Field of Thunderclouds, T. Sugita et al. (202KB)
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