Cgview 2.4.0

The cgview is a EGS particle trajectory and geometry display program. Combinatorial geometry , cylinder-slab geometry and slab geometry can be displayed.
Please notify yoshihito.namito when you download cgview. (Please add @ before .)

  1. Program
    1. Japanese Windows Ver. (cgview-2.4.0.exe)
    2. Japanese Linux Ver. (cgview-2.4.0.tar.gz)
    3. English Windows Ver. (cgview-2.4.0-eng.exe, cgview-2.4.0-eng-win.tar.gz)
    4. English Linux Ver. (cgview-2.4.0-eng.tar.gz)
  2. Manual and Help
    1. Japanese Manual
    2. English Manual
    3. Japanese html Help
    4. English html Page
  3. Memo
    1. Q and A for cgview ( Japanese , English )
    2. Modification log ( Japanese , English )

Example of combinatorial geometry display by cgview.
org3.pic in cgview-uc is used. (No particle trajectory is included.)

Cgview 3.0.2

  1. Program
    1. Japanese Windows Ver. (
    2. English Windows Ver. (

Cgview 2.* vs Cgview 3.*
Cgview 2.* and cgview 3.* are developed using Delph and C#, respectively.
Cgview 2.* has history longer than 10 years, so it is stable. On the other hand, Cgview 2.* have several un-fixed bugs as we no longer keep fixing cgview 2.*.
Cgview 3.* is recently developed and runs on Win.7 and later. While there may be several bugs, the response is quick. For example, reading in an egs5job.pic of 23.6MB takes 24" and 4" by cgview 2.3.0 and cgview 3.0.2, respectively. We recommend to move from cgview 2.* to cgview 3.0.2.

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