The PRESTA-CG geometry package for the geometry routine of EGS4 was developped by T. Torii and T. Sugita.

  1. T. Torii and T. Sugita:"Development of PRESTA-CG Incorprating Combinatorial Geometry in EGS4/PRESTA", JNC TN1410 2002-201, Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (2002).

This report can be requested from mailto:torii.tatsuo (Please add @ before jaea)

Following Lecture Notes are used at Korea on October, 2002 to explain about PRESTA-CG and sample user codes using PRESTA-CG.
  1. How to Use PRESTA-CG
  2. EGS4 Sample User Codes with PRESTA-CG (ucsampl1cgp.mor and ucsampl2cgp.mor)
  3. presta_cg.exe which include files necessary to run above 2 sample user codes under the EGS4 sysytem.
When you download these files, tell it to H. Hirayama (hideo.hirayama
Cgview can be used to display particle trajectories together with combinatorial-geometry.

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