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List Server

The idea behind a list server based discussion group is simple. A server maintains a database of email addresses for people interested in a particular topic (the EGS code in this case). "Discussion" is carried out by sending email messages to the list server. The list server then routes these messages to the appropriate list of people.

List servers use two types of messages:
  1. messages intended for the entire discussion group, and
  2. list server commands
An example of the latter type of message is, for example, a request to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list server. List server commands are sent to a different email address than messages intended for the discussion group.

Purpose of the EGS-L Discussion Group

The EGS-L list server is the main method used to inform EGS users of code updates and EGS-related meeting announcements, workshops, and training courses. The EGS-L list server is also the most appropriate avenue for seeking help with the EGS code system. All EGS users should subscribe to the EGS-L list server. Message traffic on the EGS-L is not unduly burdensome, typically less than about 10 or 15 messages per month.

Appropriate Topics for the EGS-L

  1. Questions regarding the installation or use of the EGS code. Please read the FAQ before posting a message to the list server.
  2. Suspected bugs in the code
  3. EGS-related meeting announcements, workshops, and training courses
  4. Other information of scientific merit is also appropriate

Inappropriate Topics for the EGS-L

Please do not post messages to the EGS-L regarding
  1. advertisements for commercial products
  2. editorials advocating any political, economic, religious, ..., cause
  3. flame-inducing messages such as "Why are you using computer (or programming language) X when Y is so much better??"
As a final comment, the web masters for this site consider messages (especially Q/A) posted to the EGS-L server fair-game for inclusion in the FAQ or other areas of the EGS web site. If you would like a message you posted to the EGS-L removed from somewhere on the EGS web site, please send an email to Webmasters.

List Server Commands

List server commands should be emailed to egs-l-ctl@ml.post.kek.jp. If your email program automatically attaches a "signature", place the word END after all list server instructions but before your signature. Instructions for several common tasks are provided below. Problems subscribing or unsubscribing from the EGS-L list server should be addressed to Webmasters.

Subscribe to EGS-L
Click here to invoke your email editor. Then in the body of the email message (text in the email subject line is ignored), type

subscribe your name (e.g., subscribe Hana Sato) Unsubscribe from EGS-L
Click here to invoke your email editor. Then in the main body of the email message, type unsubscribe Additional List Server Help
Click here to invoke your email editor. Then in the main body of the email message, type help Attention
Subscribe mail must be written in text. HTML mail can not be handled.

Post a Message to EGS-L Discussion Group

Once you have subscribed to the EGS-L server, messages can be sent to the discussion group by addressing email to egs-l@ml.post.kek.jp Please include your email address and other contact information in all email messages. Do not use the egs-l@ml.post.kek.jp email address for list server commands.

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last updated 2009-01-30