precompiler for MS Windows 95/NT

WinMort is an executable version of the SLAC MORTRAN3 precompiler included in the standard EGS distribution. WinMort includes a few file i/o enhancements over the standard MORTRAN3 precompiler but is otherwise identical. WinMort should execute on any Intel-based MS Windows 95/NT computer. It may also run under MS WFW 3.1x with the Win32s patch, but I have not checked. Suggestions or comments about WinMort should be addressed to Rob Stewart at

For more information on the MORTRAN language, refer to SLAC-265 Appendix 4 and Appendix 5

WinMort Installation

  1. Download the compressed (pkzip) file WINMORT.ZIP (179 kbytes). 
  2. Uncompress all of the files in WINMORT.ZIP to a directory, e.g., .\HenHaus\WinMort. No files need to be installed in any other directory.
Optional, but highly recommended

In your autoexec.bat file set the WINMORT environment variable to the directory containing the file mortran3.dat. For example, add the line

SET WINMORT=C:\HENHAUS\WINMORT. to your path. The WINMORT environment variable can also be set from the Windows 95/NT control panel (SYSTEM icon, then the ENVIRONMENT tab).

WinMort Usage

To execute WinMort from the (DOS) command line, simply type WinMort [filename] Here, [filename] is a MORTRAN3 file. If you type WinMort without entering a filename, you will be prompted to enter the name of a MORTRAN3 file. WinMort will create a fortran file (.for file) with filename base as the mortran3 input file. If you process a mortran3 file called, check77.mor (or check77.mortran), WinMort will create a fortran file called check77.for. A file called check77.lst will also be created. This list file contains error/warning messages from the mortran3 preprocessor.

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last updated 09/28/01